"Attention all writers.  If you've been struggling to find a great editor - consider your effort over.  Over the years, I've had a dozen editors take a stab at my books and articles.  All of them competent; some even pretty good.  But when I handed over my latest manuscript to Lauren, she came back with changes that were so insightful that within two edit submissions, my book was transformed.  I have never had a more enjoyable, productive and professional experience with any other editor.  She is just brilliant and a writer's secret weapon."

-Elaine Joli
Author, Burning Cool: Why Doing, Creating and Participating is the New Cool (link)

"Lauren did a terrific job editing Asana of Malevolence. She did both a line by line edit, checks for consistency and made thoughtful and helpful suggestions on the story.

 She was a tremendous help in sharpening up the ending.  And all promptly and before her self imposed deadline.  I know I will be working with her again."

-Kate Abbott
Author, Asana of Malevolence (link), Mascot Books

"Lauren provides insightful suggestions and edits on character descriptions, scene-setting, dialogue, pacing, sentence structure and all the other things that every author can improve on to make a book great.

She saw the big picture in my second work of fiction, Drone, then helped me improve things big and small. And she did a fantastic copy edit, so it’s polished and professional. Plus, she makes deadlines. We’re working together on another project already."

-Robert Roy Britt
Author of Closure: An Eli Quinn Detective Novella (link), Murder Mountain (link), and Drone (link)

"Lauren’s ability as an editor is off the charts. I was honestly shocked how meticulous she was when she edited my book. Her work goes far beyond simple copy-editing. When working on my book, Lauren provided essential feedback on the content, even suggesting helpful illustrations that could be included in the text. When you work with Lauren, you are getting someone who pays attention to details and is absolutely attentive to the heart of what you are trying to do as an author. Lauren also has something that many authors desperately need (at least I do). She is encouraging! Yes, she points out when things don’t work, or when a paragraph or sentence is confusing, but she also lets you know when there were strong sections. This combination is so important. Rather than dreading the red marks on the page, I look forward to reading her comments!"
 -Matthew D. Brough, Author of Let God Be God: Give Control to the One Who Can Set You Free (link)

"As a first time author, I was pleased and fortunate to connect with Lauren to edit and proofread my fiction manuscript. Not only does she have a sharp eye for editing, she has a sharp mind for catching those little gaffs, errors of omission, and incongruent plot points or inconsistencies that are so easy for an author to overlook during the heat of revising.

"She works fast, delivers on time, and it's very easy to communicate with her. She didn't try to remake my story, but her excellent suggestions definitely made it better. Lauren will be at the top of my list of editors to call on for my next novel."

-Chris Norbury, Author, Castle Danger (link)

"I am so glad I picked Lauren to proofread my book. It was great to work with her. She got her results to my quickly.

Not only did she check my spelling and grammar, she also did fact checking, which really was above and beyond the call of duty. And she was available to answer my questions. I heartily recommend her work."

- S.G. Armstrong, Author, The News of the Day (link)

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