Fiction Editing

Your manuscript may be the foundation for a great novel, but an experienced, knowledgeable editor can help you bring out your book's inner shine.

Choosing to work with an editor demonstrates maturity in your writing career. This comes with great rewards. A professionally edited manuscript is exponentially more likely to get noticed and published.

It's also an investment in you and your talents. Authors come out of the editing and revision process far more skilled than when they started.

With my editing services, the level of editing is up to you, but my full critique covers the following:

- The manuscript's strengths

- An especially close evaluation of the 'hook' - the first 10 pages

- Characterization

- Dialogue

- Pacing and sequencing

- Visuals

- Unpredictability

- Strength of the ending

- Recommended next steps

- Copy edits for typos, inconsistencies, ambiguity, or publisher formatting preferences.


- Experience with many fiction genres, including suspense, sci-fi, romance, crime, Christian and literature. See testimonials.

- I've edited final manuscripts for publishers, so I'm familiar with the ins and outs of the business. I also attend writer's conferences to network with agents, publishers and authors.

Special offers:

 - New client special. This helps me establish long-standing, fruitful relationships, while giving writers a chance to see the quality of my work without breaking the bank. Ask me about this.

- Service tailor-made for you. My editing service can cover anything from manuscript evaluations that explore the big picture to detailed, line-by-line edits. Or perhaps you are looking for anything and everything that I would advise to help you get published and earn five-star reviews from your readers. Whatever you are looking for is where I place my emphasis.

- Five-page, no-pressure sample edit. This is more important than anything I can claim on this page since it demonstrates the quality of my work. Developmental, big picture edits are difficult to cover in a snippet like this, but the sample will at least give you a taste.

- Full refund if dissatisfied. I have never had an unhappy client, but this gives you peace of mind. I do this because I don't believe anyone should pay for a service that isn't what they expected.

- Pitching help. I will look over your pitch and offer suggestions for how to get a leg up over the competition. I will also help you craft a marketing strategy for self-publishing, if that is your preference.

Let's get started

-Send me (Lauren) an inquiry with your questions and editing needs: I would love to hear from you.

-Feel free to email me your first five pages for a sample edit and critique anytime. Please include anything in particular you are seeking in a critique or if you would simply prefer my overall detailed, suggestions. Also please let me know your publishing goals and if this is your first manuscript.

-Submissions should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, in Word.

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