My editing services include non-fiction manuscripts. Please send me an inquiry so we can discuss an editing process tailored to your needs.


- Experience with most types of non-fiction, including professional writings, memoirs and commentaries.

- Ten years of experience as a journalist and editor.

- I've edited final manuscripts for publishers, so I'm familiar with the ins and outs of the business. I also attend writer's conferences to network with agents, publishers and authors.

Special offers:

 - New client special. This helps me establish long-standing, fruitful relationships while giving writers a chance to see the full quality of my work without breaking the bank. Ask me about this.

- Service tailor-made for you. My editing service can cover anything from manuscript evaluations that explore the big picture to detailed, line-by-line edits. Or perhaps you are looking for anything and everything that I would advise to help you get published and earn five-star reviews from your readers. Whatever you are looking for is where I place my emphasis.

-Five-page, no-pressure sample edit. This is more important than anything I can claim on this page since it demonstrates the quality of my work. Developmental, big picture edits are difficult to cover in a snippet like this, but the sample will at least give you a taste.

- Full refund if dissatisfied. I have never had an unhappy client, but this gives you peace of mind. I do this because I don't believe anyone should pay for a service that isn't what they expected.

- Pitching help. I can look over your pitch and offer suggestions for how to get a leg up over the competition. I can also help you craft a marketing strategy for self-publishing, if that is your preference.

Let's get started

-Send me (Lauren) an inquiry with your questions and editing needs: I would love to hear from you.

-Feel free to email me your first five pages for a sample edit and critique anytime. Please include anything in particular you are seeking in a critique or if you would simply prefer my overall detailed, suggestions. Also please let me know your publishing goals and if this is your first manuscript.

-Submissions should be double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, in Word.

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